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Heat Sealer

Sydney based Get Packed specialises in packaging machinery. Heat Sealers are used to heat seal bags closed, or to create custom sized bags from polytubing. Get Packed supply a range of heat sealers from small Impulse Sealers for smaller bags, magnetic sealers which use magnets to hold the seal, a larger hand held sealer for thicker plastic, foot sealers which maintain their heat in both upper and lower jaws all the way through to a Rotary Band Sealer which is an inline machine for high volume bag sealing. We also provide a link to a range of second hand packaging machines that provide you with less expensive and second hand alternatives.
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Heat Sealers Sydney

Impulse Heat Sealers Impulse Sealer
Manual and Automatic

The manual Impulse Heat Sealer uses a simple scissor action to press down on the sealing arm to heat seal bags or film (Polythene, polypropylene or Cellophane). Several options are available including separate cutters and automatic timers with magnetic hold downs. Sizes from 100mm up to 1000mm seal lengths are available.
The Automatic Impulse sealer is a bench mounted heavy duty version which can seal up to 2 x 300um thick film. It can be set up with a timer setting for continuous sealing or the electronic foot switch for more operator control. Different models are available with wider sealing elements allowing stronger seals. Please click on the shopping cart icons for more information on each.




Desk top model L-Bar Heat Sealer

L-Bar Sealer

This is the most basic of bench top heat sealers being the most suitable for low volume users. Here the centrefolded shrink film (sold separately) is fed over the L-Bar and product is placed between the film and the L-Bar shaped sealer is closed down to seal the product. Each time you make a seal you already have two closed ends (one from the last seal and the other from the fold in the film). The L-shaped bar then closes the remaining ends. A heat gun is then used to shrink the film over the product. L-Bar Heat Sealers are available in 350mm x 350mm or 450mm x 510mm.

GoodPack Manual Over Wrapper

GoodPack Manual Overwrapper
Desk Top Over Wrapper

The Italian made GoodPack manual Over Wrapper allows for that professionally finished packaging on boxed items such as DVD's, perfume, or chocolate boxes. This compact desk top machine uses either cellophane or BOPP film to achieve a tailored low cost packaging solution and comes in two sizes - 350 or 500 - which will take film to match the width in mm. Both machines can be fitted with optional soldering point kits at an extra cost and a cutting module to trim the film to size. They can wrap approximately 120 packs / hour depending on the operator.

Magnetic Impulse Sealer and cutter

Magnetic Hold Down Impulse Heat Sealer

The Magneta Heat Sealer uses a magnet to hold the sealer down during its heating cycle to allow the heat seal to be created. Produced to work with both pre-made bags as well as poly tubing or tubulor foil it features an adjustable cooling time and can be table mounted or have an optional stand and foot pedal. The sealing cycle is easily started by pushind down on the sealing bar by hand or by using a foot pedal.

Hand and foot heat sealers

Foot and Hand Heat Sealers

Our Super Poly Hand Held Heat Sealers will seal plastic bags (Polyethene, Polypropylene, laminates as well as bubblewrap) using a 3mm wide impulse seal. They are available in 3 sizes and are supplied with a transformer and 4.5m power cord.
Our Vertical Foot sealer has a 10mm seal. Features include; an adjustable head; can rotate to 5 different angles (horizontal or vertical); automatic seal timer; foot pedal.
Pedestal Bag Sealer/Foot Sealer come with temperature control, time, foot pedal and tray and can seal up to 2 x 200um thick polythene or polypropylene plastic bags (eg, coffe bags and stand up pouches). It is available in a range of sizes.

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Hand Held

Hand Held



Vertical Foot Sealer

Vertical Foot Sealer

Vertical Foot Sealer

Pedestal Bag Sealer

Pedestal Bag Sealer
Rotary Band Sealer

Rotary Band Sealer

This is an inline compact machine that seals the tops of bagged product that travel along a conveyor. The Rotary Band Sealer is available in either a horizontal (best for sealing low products like magazines) or vertical model (better for sealing upright bags like pet foods or powders). It can be used to seal LDPE, PE, PP, PVC and layered barrier bags with a variety of seal widths available (up to 10mm). For more information on sizes please click on the shopping cart link.


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